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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  January 17, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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blood pressure. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. it was completes chaos, every man for himself. >> terror on the seas. this afternoon we are hearing more from survivors of that
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cruise ship crash off italy. the death toll is 11. there are still dozens missing. now some shocking new audio. ship's captain placed under house arrest. anna matranga reports. in the tapes you can hear one official demanding the captain get back on the boat. >> reporter: divers use controlled explosions to open parts of the ship's hull. >> we hope that someone still alive, we can find them. >> reporter: crews have found more bodies as they searched the ship. divers are combing through submerged parts of the vessel and firefighters are navigating through upside-down rooms and debris up top as they look for those missing including a couple from minnesota. more than 4,000 people escaped the costa concordia friday night after it hit a rock and started to tip. infrared images showed passengers using rope ladders to climb down the side of the
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ship to safety in the dark. in a newly released phone call, and italian coast guard official angrily orders the captain back to the ship to help stranded passengers. [ yelling in italian ] >> reporter: coast guard officials tell the captain, get on board the ship and coordinate the rescue on board. are you refusing? schettino responds, no, no, i am not refusing. but it's not clear if he ever returned. schettino has come under heavy fire. the company that owns the cruise liner said he didn't follow the approved route and human error likely caused the deadly accident. a judge questioned the captain behind closed doors tuesday. the captain faces charges of causing shipwreck abandoning the ship and manslaughter. anna matranga. cbs news, italy. two northern californians aboard the costa concordia before it ran aground are happy to be home this afternoon the
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the couple flying into sfo last night greeted by their son. the pair was lucky enough to get off the italian cruise liner the day before the crash on friday. they say they aren't surprised about the ship's accident. >> we actually met the captain several times, his table -- the captain's table was right next to ours at our dinner seating and my first impression, i even told my wife, i says, you know, that captain there doesn't care about anybody but himself. just the whole air about him, uhm, you know, and then that's just a first impression so... >> he did add, however, that some of the crewmembers were very helpful in rescuing the passengers. closer to home, a fire ripping through a home in martinez before dawn today. five people inside all able to escape. at first, firefighters had to stay outside because the flames were too intense. and now as lisa washington tells us, the people who lived in the home are trying to come
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to grips with their loss. loss. >> sit here and watch it burn to the ground like that is devastating. it's taken a toll on me. we don't know what we are going to do. we lost everything. >> reporter: falling to his knees, joseph sobs over the loss of his home his place he lived for nearly 50 years consumed by flames in an early- morning fire. >> we had actually run through the fire get out of the house. it was just you know -- it was just an inferno. >> reporter: joseph, his wife and three others lived in the home known around the area as the christmas house. every year it was decorated. some of the decorations were still hanging today. >> thousands of people visited every year at christmastime. and now -- i don't know. >> reporter: catherine also lived in the home. like the others, she escaped the smoke and fire with only her pajamas. >> there's a big old red glow coming off the side of the house and i just went -- i was
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gone. >> reporter: neighbors wrapped the family in blankets and hugs. for firefighters, they put out the fire during freezing temperatures. >> i think at one point our temperature was 28 degrees out here so we had to battle the elements, as well. there was so much fire involved. we went to the exterior with a defensive attack. >> reporter: the family says they were burning a pellet stove. fire officials haven't determined the cause of the fire. joseph brock says his wife changed the smoke detector batteries just last night. in martinez, lisa washington, cbs 5. new at noon, a 14-year-old sexual assault suspect allegedly involved in two attacks in west oakland has finally turned himself n police issued an alert about the team last week saying they considered him armed and dangerous. the boy allegedly approached the women on bike, robbed them and forced them into a secluded area and allegedly assaulted them. if you have been out here in the bay area it's cold. in fact, temperatures early
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this morning dipped below freezing in many locations. another freeze warning is in effect tonight. travelers had varied reactions to the cold snap. >> we come from an area where it's 85 degrees and above and so it's cold. >> we're used to 80ez we need a change. >> change is coming. black ice overnight on ridges and overpasses. elizabeth wenger has the forecast. >> you came from boston. this should be nothing for you, right? >> i know. but it's been so nice, i mean, come on. we're in the 60s and 70s for crying out loud. >> it's a shock when we have had such mild conditions. in fact, we just checked and we actually broke some records this morning in oakland and in san jose. at least by a few degrees. so check the temperatures in
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san jose. we reached into the 20s so yeah, it was definitely cold. you knew it if you stepped outside early this morning. and it looks like later on tonight and overnight and early tomorrow morning we have another freeze warning in effect. right now it is just for the south bay, santa clara valley, that does include san jose. those temperatures are going to dip once again into the 20s to low 30s. so yeah, another cold night for us. temperatures right now we have warmed up a little bit but it's still chilly start to the afternoon. mostly in the 40s. you can see 45 in san rafael, 46 in san francisco, and those temperatures are not going to climb by much here in the next few hours. so we'll have much more on your temperatures plus, yes, we are talking rain by the middle through the end of this week. we'll tell you all about that coming up. frank, back to you. >> you're full of good news. okay. elizabeth, thanks. today toll bridge officials provided details on their plan to close the bay bridge for several days of the month. all westbound lanes will be closed during the presidents'
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day weekend. the closure will run from friday evening until early tuesday morning and during that time, crews will install a detour near the toll plaza on the oakland side. we have to slide traffic over a little to the south so that we can have enough room to put a construction crew in between the new bridge that we're building and the bridge that traffic is running on now. and the work that they're going to do is going to allow us to open the entire bridge at once in 2013 about six months ahead of our previous schedule. >> closure next month will be extended if bad weather slows down the work that is planned during that holiday weekend. the sheriff is charged with domestic violence. what his wife revealed on twitter just days before the alleged incident. plus, they provide cover in the rain and a seat while you wait for the bus. so why is muni now thinking of taking down some of those transit shelters? coming up. city officials in oakland finally reveal more details about the 100 block initiative. but how do citizens feel about it? that story coming up.
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arraigned on domestic violee charges against his wife, ea lopez. just las sheriff ross mirkarimi's court date is thursday for domestic violence against his wife eliana lopez. she denounced domestic violence on twitter. she tweeted in spanish about an increase in violence against women during the holidays. mirkarimi is accused of violence towards his wife on new year's eve. the mayor says he has no immediate plans to suspend the sheriff. it's been over two months since the city of oakland announced its 100-block initiative against crime although it only represents 5% of the city. those are some of the most dangerous blocks in the city. gil diaz has the latest updates on the new 90-day plan.
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reporter: she is a life- long oakland resident but things changed drastically since growing up in east oakland. >> it's a lot more dangerous and i think the reputation of the city has declined. >> reporter: that's why the city set up the 100-block initiative back in october focusing on the streets where 90% of the killings have occurred some of them killing kids like a 5-year-old, a 3- year-old and a boy who was about to turn 2. >> you just see the crime going on kids getting kills and stuff like that we need to slow them down. >> reporter: the interim police chief says residents will notice changes in their neighborhoods during the initiative's so-called rollout plan. and that will happen in the next 90 days. >> you will see increased patrols and visibility throughout the city. we will take a critical look at ensuring that parolees and probationers are adhering to the terms of their release. >> reporter: but ricky moore believes parents need to take lessons on how to raise better
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kids. >> they play a big part of what's going on because the reason why the kids is out here is acting like is because the parents are not supporting them. >> reporter: residents we talked to support the initiative but it's going to take time to turn those blocks around. >> it's the people that have to change in order to make a change. >> reporter: aside from today's announcement of the rollout plan, mayor jean quan says in the next couple of months, the public will be updated on job creation as well as getting involved with the 100-block initiative. reporting from oakland, gil diaz, cbs 5. this afternoon, muni officials in san francisco may vote on a new plan for when bus shelters should be taken down. now, the structures are crucial for the elderly and disabled but can also be sites for criminal activity and drugs. now officials may approve a policy that says shelters can be removed when hazardous situations cannot be addressed through other means. turning baby talk into real
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words. evidence that babies learn how to speak by reading our lips. plus an angry welcome back for the members of the congress. the vocal message from "occupy wall street" at the capital. i'm danielle nottingham at the white house. coming up, the republican presidential candidates try to knock the front runner from the top. and mostly clear, cold in our afternoon. here's a live look at the sunshine over mount vaca. we did have another freeze warning for tonight. plus, yes, we did have a lot of rain coming up in our seven-day forecast. we'll tell you all about it after the break.
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tweeter have we've got a del for you straight from the ns c- e-o attention all your 49ers fans. if you are a tweeter, have we got a deal for you straight from the 49ers' ceo. that would be jed york who tweeted yesterday that he is ready to give away four tickets and a pre-game field pass for the championship game. all you have to do is tell him why you deserve it. the freebie play-off package, you got it do it in another tweet. and the best tweet wins tonight at 5:00. so start tweeting. you got 130 characters and you can't have any typos. he is the ceo, after all. >> is that a real rule, no typos? >> i just kind of threw that in. and i guess bring a rain jacket, right? >> it could get muddy out
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there, yeah. looks like we're expecting rain for several days. more in a minute. check the current conditions outside right now. clear with lots of blue skies, sunshine, but yes, it is very cold out there. you know it if went out today. the current temperatures outside right now still mostly in the 40s, upper 40s. concord at 49. oakland 47. right now san jose come in at 50. so this is what's happening today mostly high pressure. it's keeping us dry and it's keeping us cold. but we have big changes just off to the west of us. this low pressure system is going to bring us some changes as soon as tomorrow, big changes for the next several days. rain is making a comeback. we haven't been able to say that for quite a while. could be heavy at times. temperatures for this afternoon mostly in the low 50s. we are not going to warm up much. some of the temperatures are still slightly below normal for this time of year. concord 53, antioch expecting a high of 51. walnut creek 52.
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so definitely jacket weather all across the bay area. oakland only climbing up to about 53 degrees today. hayward at 52. your pinpoint forecast overnight lows going to drop low once again. we do have another freeze warning in effect. right now it's just for the santa clara valley which includes san jose but check the north bay numbers in some of our inland valleys. still chilly at or below freezing. 28 in fairfield. 32 is your overnight low in fremont. 37 in san rafael. 44 out in san francisco. one of our warmer spots overnight. yeah, it is going to be cold. so protect your plants and your pets. you know the drill. here's a look at your forecast over the next couple of days. so we are staying dry today. going to see a lot of sunshine then our next chance of rain is on the wednesday. looks like now it's just a slight chance mainly north of the golden gate. thursday, friday, saturday, we have a good chance of rain, heavy at times. the first rain we have seen in a while so there is the possibility of road flooding so
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be careful of that. saturday still looks unsettled. looks like the best chance of rain is saturday night into sunday. just when you're going to be live on the morning show on sunday morning. you're going to get drenched preparing for a little 49ers action. >> can hardly wait. the one time i get to go live to the ballgame we get wet. >> you kind of like that, get messy, wear the baseball cap, do the reporter thing. >> it will be fun. all right. thanks, elizabeth. lawmakers return to capitol hill today with record low approval ratings. a new "washington post" poll shows 84% of americans now disapprove of the job that congress is doing. the house gets back to work today the while the senate reconvenes next week. the first objective is to figure out how to extend the temporary tax break. >> power to the people. >> right on! whoo! >> also returning to capitol hill today, members of "occupy wall street" who were hoping it make it the largest "occupy"
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gathering yet. they are back. protestors had said thousands would show up with over 11,000 people who like the "occupy" congress facebook page but only a few hundred showed up. one person was arrested for assaulting a police officer. time is running out for the republicans running for president trying to win support before south carolina's primary on saturday. the gop candidates are taking aim at the front-runner, mitt romney. danielle nottingham reports. reporter: meeting with south carolina's supporters, mitt romney sounds like he is already the gop nominee. he continues to ignore his republican challengers and attack president obama. >> he's run out of ideas. he's run out of excuses. and in 2012,'s going to run out of time. >> reporter: romney is leading the south carolina polls and in a new national poll, he has a 20-point lead over his closest rival. during last night's debate on the fox newschannel, romney's
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opponents tried to knock down the front-runner going after his political record and pushed him to immediately release his tax returns. >> so the people of south carolina can take a look and decide if you know we got a flawed candidate or not. >> reporter: they all continued their attacks on the campaign trail today. >> i mean, we have a lot of character issues dealing with mitt romney whose ability to be able to hold a consistent policy position on a whole host of issues. >> reporter: polls show romney does well with republicans looking for a candidate to beat president obama but opponents are trying to convince voters romney can't win back the white house. rick santorum, newt gingrich and rick perry are working to get that message to south carolina's conservative evangelical voters. >> i have to convince people who might like to vote for santorum or perry that in fact those would be wasted votes. the only way they can get a conservative nominee is to vote for me on saturday. >> reporter: the candidates have just four days to catch romney in south carolina.
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danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. new research shows babies learning to talk are more than just great listeners. apparently, pretty good lip- readers, too. florida scientists found that around 6 months, infants start looking at your mouth when you talk to them. and once they master the lip movements and start producing their own words, they begin looking into your eyes for social accuse. the study could be a useful tool for diagnosing kids with autism. >> bond cars and bond girls, all in one place to celebrate the famous spy film. that and much more coming up.
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